Think big.Win the world


Our vision is to be a world class company, a company renowned as a competent leader in the ICT arena setting the benchmark for all others, providing solutions from vendors that are globally recognized.

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Our mission is to be innovative in delivering Information and Communication Technol- ogy (ICT) solutions and services that support our clients in achieving their business objectives deploying industry world leading best practices. We are committed to invest in technology and people ensuring sustained growth, building excellent career paths and evolving local Saudi national expertise.

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Colleagues, Clients, and Company; are the core values of ICS. Understanding the needs of these values stands at the essence of our company, and enables us to fulfill our mission to be innovative, customer-focused and a great workplace.

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Deliver Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solutions and services to the Saudi Market. By leveraging our expertise, we work closely with our customers to comprehend and fulfill their needs and exceeding their expectations.

Use advanced and modern approaches in employing and developing our staff, creating teams or experts that are capable of undertaking the most challenging and demanding projects.

Continuously review, improve, and develop our processes creating innovations and tailoring our company to be the most flexible, the best fit and the most novel.

Our objective is to deliver solutions that deliver real value to our customers


Our past, growth and the proven track record in the last 16 years, demonstrate our exceptional achievements. Thus, we can confidently forecast a bright, full of challenges and successful future for ICS. We will keep on planning, we will stay focused and work hard to accomplish our mission, in the view of our vision and the appreciation of our values